Android Training

Android Training in Kanpur

Android is one of operating software Programme for cell phones, tablet, and computers. Learning Android Programming is similar to any other programming. It is produced by the Open Handset Alliance drove by Google. It’s is based on a Linux establishment.  Perhaps it is the easiest programming language that is designed for the Mobile Application Development. To learn Android Programming, you must go through the basics of Java and other software technologies. Developer Brothers has designed the contents of the Android Application Development programme to make sure that you start from the basics and reach the advanced level. Get the most out of the Android Training course offered by Developers Brothers in Kanpur city.

Android Training Basic Course Content !!!

  1. Introduction to Android, Java.
  2. Android Architecture and OOPS
  3. Android Layouts and controls
  4. High-Level UI and Advance Java
  5. Permanent Storage in Android
  6. Android Graphics and Multimedia
  7. Software Awareness
  8. Gadgets and the route ahead

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