Highlight Events in Custom Calendar in Android Studio

This Android Custom Calendar view code descries that how to create a custom calendar and how to set events or holidays in calendar view in Android. All the dates comes from database (SQLite or MySQL).

A date can have multiple events or holiday and we can customize that calendar view because its created with the help or grid view and grid view calendar. We can customize every date view in calendar view. We can set images or text etc.

After clicking the events date a pop up dialog open to show the events detail if a date has multiple events then events open in List View.

You can set Minimum and Maximum date in custom calendar view or range of calendar view in Android.

Features –

  1. Set custom color and image in calendar view
  2. Set events or holiday
  3. Set minimum and maximum date in calendar view
  4. One date can have multiple events
  5. Multiple event on a date open in list view
  6. Full customization in calendar view
  7. Set Static and Dynamic data in calendar view
  8. Highlight events or holiday
  9. Grid view to show calendar